January came and went !! Many look at a new year as a new start, new goals, new attitude. But we have tendency to fall off that grid or give up. Why? Maybe we aren't specific enough or take on too much or expect too much.

So why not keep it simple? Want to spend more time with your family? Set a date - find something for you to do on Groupon. Want to lose weight? Each week find a certain food or condiment that you could seriously live without. You don't really need soda everyday, or switch up a food that you love with something healthy. Small changes make a big difference. Want to get better at racing? Ask yourself what specifically and realistically can I get better at?  Setting real goals like - I want a sub 2 hour half marathon. See simple? Now just go do it ;)


Heading back to the pool? Need some pool workout ideas - check out below

Set 1

– 5×100 fast with 10 sec rest
– 3×500 as 250 smooth/250 strong with 30 sec rest
– 4×50 pull with ankle band only (no paddles) with 15 sec rest

Set 2

– 400 sprinting every fourth 25, no walls with 20 sec rest
– 4×400 pull descend time from 1–4 with 20 sec rest

Set 3

Do 8x each, in order:
– 50 kick fast with 10 sec rest
– 100 swim strong, no walls with 10 sec rest
– 150 swim smooth, mid-race effort with 30 sec rest

Set 4

– 6×50 swim as 25 fast/25 easy with 10 sec rest
– 6×100 pull as 50 fast/50 easy with 15 sec rest
– 6×200 swim as 25 Tarzan Drill*/75 swim x2 with 30 sec rest

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